Two victims in armed assault on bus in Manica province, Mozambique

The passengers of a bus travelling along the National Road #1 (EN1) in central Mozambique were affected in armed attack on Monday, December 2. Two people sustained minor injuries, the local law enforcement sources confirmed on Tuesday.

A “blast of bullets” hit the bus in its side near Muda Serração, Gondola district, Manica province, a few minutes after the vehicle headed towards Maputo.

The attackers chose the same place for the attack as last week when another passenger bus was attacked under similar circumstances on Friday at Ponte Nova.

“We [passengers] had barely woken up. Many were still sleeping when panic shook the bus,” Matias Saule, one of the passengers, told the local media while being interviewed over telephone. “Then we realised it was an attack. The windows were broken and two women were wounded.”

It is known that the assailants were firing from their positions in the woods where the road passes between two hills, about 300 metres from the village of Chibuto.

The victims were treated in the village of Muxúnguè next to Muda Serração.

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