KZN cop given 30 years in prison for murder and robbery

A spate of criminal offences committed in January 2018 had brought a former cop to trial which has lasted for almost two years before the Durban High Court convicted the KwaZulu-Natal ex-policeman and sentenced him to a 30-year imprisonment. The cop had been charged with murder and robbery, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said on Tuesday.

The sentence has been imposed on Constable Austine Reynold for a murder and three robberies he committed in January 2018.

The court heard that the offences had been committed by Reynold armed with his service pistol. He went to the streets of Umbilo randomly robbing the people.

“The accused entered the home of the first complainant, Ebuka Ezionwu, and robbed him at gunpoint of his money and cellphone. He then killed Okoli Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, who was also on the premises, and took his cellphone and cash,” NPA spokesperson Natasha Kara advised.

When Reynold was trying to escape the scene, he “bumped into the third complainant,” Mandy Mbambo.

“He pointed the firearm at her and stole her money.”

Mbambo had identified Reynold as an offender in her witness testimony what became the key to the conviction.

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