ZIM: At least 15 struck by speeding Mercedes, 1 instantly killed, 3 others died in hospital

Three children and one adult fell victim to a speeding accident when a reckless driver hit at least 15 people, killing one child on the scene, at the Mupedzanhamo flea market on Friday morning.

Shortly after the incident, the medics reported that three other victims, including minors, had also died upon admission to a local hospital. Over 10 more people sustained serious injuries.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, he was about to drive off while being in his car parked along the road when he noticed in a rear mirror the speeding Mercedes-Benz approaching from behind. He decided to let the Benz pass but suddenly heard ‘a loud bang’ at the back.

“I then saw a boy who had been pushing a cart behind me being dragged for a few metres under the speeding car. When we got to him, he was already dead,” he advised.

Then the Mercedes driver had gone completely mad and started to speed off apparently to escape the scene. He swerved to avoid hitting a lorry that was parked on the side of the road and hit its driver instead. The driver flew several metres and fell head first on to the tarmac.

“The car then crossed over to the other side of the road and hit about four more people, including two children, resulting in them being seriously injured,” the eyewitness explained.

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