MOZ: 2 suspected of artisanal mining killed by landslide, police shot down 2 others

As a result of a landslide in the province of Zambezia, two people died and another one was seriously injured on Saturday in Tetete, 60 kilometers from the Gurué township, Mozambique, district administrator Costa Chirembue confirmed.

The now-deceased were allegedly involved in some artisanal mining, Chirembue added. He also reported that, besides the two landslide deaths, two other people had been shot and killed by the local police. The two were also suspected of practicing illegal mining in Magige.

According to the law enforcement officials, the illegal miners apparently had information that there were some mineral resources in that area. Driven by that, they decided to invade the area. The police in their turn had to take radical measures in an attempt to prevent the invasion. Two of the suspected miners were shot and killed.

Despite all the risks imposed by the artisanal mining, the people ignoring the essential security measures are still continuously devoting themselves to this dangerous occupation.
It is also noted that such cases of death by landslides following the artisanal mining are frequent in Gurué district.

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