Zimbabwe: Young woman raped twice as her brother failed to pay employee for his job

Being deprived of a salary for almost six months, a Chivi man has decided to compensate for the absence of money by raping his employer’s sister.

Solomon Chikono, aged 25, from the village of Mavuto is alleged to have broken his way into the victim’s bedroom where she was asleep along with her 3 minor siblings.

The perpetrator said that he had gone to the homestead ‘to collect his outstanding wages.’ Once he was in his employer’s house, he realised that the head of the family was not at home.

After making his way into the bedroom, he demanded an intercourse in place of his outstanding wages threatening to kill the woman and her 3 sisters and the grandmother if he did get what he wanted. He went on to rape the complainant twice.

The offender was caught shortly after the incident as he was well known among the locals.

Chikono confessed to all the accusations before Masvingo regional Magistrate Dambudzo Malunga. He was sentenced to serve 18 years in prison.

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