WATCH: Fuel tanker catches fire, 4 more trucks go up in flames on N3

The Monday traffic on the N3 is slow due to a massive fire which broke out last night. Five vehicles are said to have been damaged in the incident.

On Sunday night, a tanker, carrying both petrol and diesel, went up in flames while parked in a lay-by near the Pyramid Motel. The preliminary reports state the fire was caused by a mechanical fault.

“Fuel leaked from the burning trailer across the road and also caught alight, setting another four trucks stacked at the scene on fire,” the N3 Toll Concession advised.

Since then, the fire had been extinguished. However, the recovery operations are ongoing. As a result, the northbound lanes remain closed while the left and right southbound lanes are being used for the traffic towards KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng respectively.

“An extensive backlog of traffic is also being experienced at Tugela Toll Plaza near Ladysmith. Road users are warned to either delay their trips or to avoid the area if at all possible,” the statement read.

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