Rival groups violent clash left 2 dead in Bangui, CAR

On Friday, November 29, a confrontation between a militia local self-defence unit and the militia elements of another armed group had resulted in an hours-lasting clash that left two members of the first group killed in the PK5 district, in the third district of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR).

An anonymous independent source shared essential information in relation to the fighting reporting the incident as very violent with the use of heavy and light weapons by the belligerents.

It is said that the first shots were heard at around 4pm in Bangui at the same time when the first victims of the clash were reported. The two belonged to the self-defence of the militia leader called Kamba-ti-Wa. They had been killed by the elements of the militia leader LT, the successor of the notorious Famous Late Militia Leader FORCE, whose real name is Nimeri Matar.

The FACA soldiers were deployed on Martyrs Avenue at PK5 at around 4pm in order to secure the displaced people fleeing these clashes.

“For now, we do not know the reasons that pushed these two rival factions of PK5 self-defence to face each other fatally this Friday while significant efforts were made to bring peace to this area of ​​the Central African capital.”

Some say that the war of territory and power between the militia leaders who want to extend their influence in the third district of Bangui might have been an essential cause of the fight.

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