Gang-rape: Two learners raped their younger schoolmate between classes in Gweru, Zimbabwe

Anger and resentment settled in the hearts of the Chaplin High School management, teachers, and pupils after a case of rape had happened right at school. A grade 3 schoolgirl was sexually assaulted by two students who were doing Advanced Level in a school office.

They are said to have lured their victim in one of the school rooms by hoodwinking her that she had been summoned by the school authorities.

According to the report, the two had immediately closed the door when the girl had come into the office and, while one boy was standing to guard the door, the other ‘started caressing her and inserting his fingers into her private part.’

The incident had come to light when the girl had reported the two to the school authorities who then handed the matter over to the police. It then led to the arrest of both suspects.

It is known that the young villains appeared before Gweru Magistrate Edwin Marecha facing charges of gang-rape.

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