Zimbabwean killed in land dispute

On Monday night, a Chimanimani villager was killed by a security guard of the Ariston Holdings’ Roscommon Estate. The incident was allegedly caused by a land dispute between the villagers and the company.

Back in 2002, part of the Estate was seized by the government and handed over to the villagers. Since then, the residents built their houses and started to grow bananas there. However, after obtaining a court order in 2012, the company started to evict the villagers destroying their belongings.

According to Ariston Holdings human resources head Brian Kangondo, the settlers were allowed to harvest the crops they had planted during the 2017-18 season and then leave. Yet, they chose to stay.

“They (the villagers/settlers) attacked a security guard on duty. The guard tried to defend himself by firing into the mob,” Manicaland deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Luxon Chananda advised yesterday. “Beware Tsarai was shot and he died while another person was injured and rushed to the hospital.”

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