WATCH: One robber shot and killed in police shootout outside Westville mall

One of the suspects has been shot dead in a police shootout with two men after a business robbery at the Village Market in Westville, Durban.

One person died after a shoot-out with police in Westville.

The now-deceased was shot and killed while fleeing the scene after he along with an accomplice had held the employees of a store at gunpoint and tried to escape taking an undisclosed amount of money with them. 

“As they were attempting to flee they were confronted by the police and a shoot-out ensued. One suspect was fatally shot and the other managed to escape,” the police official stated. 

A gripping video showing a policeman firing at the alleged robbers is widely discussed on the social media.

During the shootout, one bullet is said to have narrowly missed the officer. The policeman rolls over, changes the location point and resumes firing at the robbers. A bakkie that was supposed to be a getaway car then pulls out of the mall parking lot and two suspects attempt to get into the back of it. One of the robbers gets the bullet and falls to the ground. Despite that, the other suspect behind the bakkie wheel speeds off.

After the shootout, the Rescue Care service found the wounded robber without any signs of life and assissted two other injured people on the scene, service’s spokesperson Garrith Jamieson confirmed.

Two escaped suspects are being sought by the police. They are accused of robbery and attempted murder.

Some time after the incident, Arrive Alive tweeted a picture of a burnt-out bakkie. The vehicle is believed to have been used by these criminals.

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