MOZ: Friend stabbed another to death in drunk scuffle outside Maputo city

The Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) are probing a premeditated murder after an alleged argument between two drunk friends ended with a fatal stabbing.

Last Saturday, on November 23, two friends were out for drinking together in the Albazine neighbourhood, but at some point, they started to argue. One of them soon pulled out a knife and stabbed his friend several times.

Mario Francisco, aged 23, accused of killing said, “The kid said he’s not afraid of me, I was thick and I said I’m not afraid of you too, I can get you fucked up now, I fought the kid, then his friends came and hit me. I managed to escape, I went home where I took a knife and I stabbed him.”

The victim had sustained fatal stab wounds to his abdomen and, according to the police, died on the scene.

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