MOZ: Dismembered body of missing minor found inside cardboard box in Quelimane

Last Saturday, on November 16, the remains of an underage girl who had reportedly been missing for almost a week were found by the police in the city of Quelimane, the capital of central Zambezia province, Mozambique. The mutilated body was dismembered and some organs were extracted.

The witnesses told the media that the dreadful discovery had been made by the local children while earning a living by picking up trash in the neighborhood. They had noticed human body parts in a cardboard box and rushed to alert the adults.

It is known that the victim was a motherless 6-year-old child who lived with her grandfather, a situation that further aggravated the commotion of the neighbours and residents of that residential unit.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested two teens on suspicion of having kidnapped the girl and acting on the orders of an unspecified person who is believed to have been the mastermind.

The Police of the Republic of Mozambique are to release an official public statement in relation with the matter.

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