Outraged Vanderbijlpark citizens severely assaulted man for trying to punish his wife with fire

In what appears to be a domestic dispute a woman sustained serious burn wounds when she was attacked allegedly by her boyfriend in their flat. But this incident had not gone unnoticed as the members of the public came for help and assaulted the man at a block of flats in Becquerel Road in Vanderbijlpark on Monday morning.

The local authorities and provincial services were already in attendance when the ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene and found the pair in the court of the flats.

Russel Meiring, the spokesperson for ER24, said, “Medics assessed the patients and found that the woman had sustained serious burn wounds to her chest, back and arms while the man had sustained soft tissue injuries over most of his body.”

The character of throse burn wounds found on the woman’s body indicates that the man had allegedly poured a flammable liquid on the woman and then set her alight.

The couple was provided with first aid before an ambulance took them to hospital.

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