Another ethnic conflict in Port Sudan: 2 gunned down, 7 injured

The tribal clashes in the capital of eastern Sudan Red Sea State claimed the lives of two people and left seven more Sudanese injured on Monday.

The authorities were forced to declare a curfew (starting at 5pm and lasting until 6am), due to the fact that the army troops were deployed in the town to monitor the situation and to prevent further clashes between the community members.

The violent conflict broke out between the members of the Beja and Beni Amer tribes following a public meeting held by the leader of United Popular Front for Liberation and Justice (UPFLJ) and Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front Amin Daoud, who had returned to Sudan last week after long years of exile during the regime of ousted President Omar al-Bashir.

The confrontation has also caused the property destruction of the local residents as some houses in the area had been set ablaze.

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