8 people shot and killed in militant attack at Mengaleuwa, Mozambique

Three civilians and five soldiers were fatally shot in what is believed to be a jihadist terrorist group attack in Mengaleuwa, Chitunda administrative post in northern Mozambique, late on Saturday, November 16. The local authorities have confirmed that several houses and shacks were also burned down.

The attack took place 150 kilometres southwest of oil projects’ construction yards and near the paved road that connects the provincial capital, Pemba, to the north of Cabo Delgado.

The armed group invaded the village at around 7pm and opened random fire. The clashes lasted for more than 8 hours until 3am on Sunday.

“The group approached the village singing songs in local languages, as involved in a ceremonial, and then opened fire on the military positions,” the authorities advised.

According to the preliminary reports, a number of houses and informal stalls were burned to the ground. Apart form that, three farm tractors and a grading machine, that belonged to a company responsible for building bridges over the Messalo River, were also destroyed.

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