9yo boy with genitals chopped off found dead in Quelimane, Mozambique

A 9-year-old boy vanished on Thursday last week right after he and two of his friends had supposedly robbed the boy’s grandfather living in Quelimane, a seaport in Zambezia Province, Mozambique. Three days of search ended with a gruesome discovery when his dead body was found in a garbage dump in a Quelimane market.

The boy’s partly decomposed body was discovered with his genitals chopped off, no eyes, and the heart cut out.

According to the reports, this macabre murder was committed in an abandoned house close to the local market dump.

The authorities have confirmed that the discovered body belonged to the boy who had disappeared in the Acordos de Lusaka neighbourhood on the outskirts of the Quelimane city.

The minor reportedly went missing after stealing some property from his grandfather’s house with two other boys.

The boy’s disappearance had created great unrest, with demonstrations occuring throughout the week outside the Second Police Station, where two minors, the friends of the deceased, were being held.

The provincial police confirm the arrest of the suspected progenitor of the crime.

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