‘Severed arm’ recovered in Durban Harbour

Yesterday, a severed arm was noticed floating in the waters of the Durban Harbour.

It was Transnet Stevedores that alerted the Port Captain about the floating limb. The divers from Durban Search and Rescue and Metro Police Search and Rescue were dispatched to the scene.

“The howling South Easterly wind had pushed the limb into a large flotsam of debris between a cargo vessel and the wharf,” Steve Middleton, the head of Durban Metro, advised. “Divers immediately jumped in to recover the limb before it submerged beneath the debris and vessel.”

However, once taken out of the water, the severed arm turned out to be a lifelike medical training prosthesis. The divers had a good laugh about the incident afterwards.

“Every call we go to is a training session. It was a good exercise for us to check our response times… and to check divers in our unit are on par,” Captain Dean Nieuwoudt, the commander of Durban Metro Police’s search and rescue, agreed.

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