Thieves tried to burn house with elderly couple inside in EC

A house of elderly spouses from Ugie was set on fire after the armed thieves had broken in and assaulted the owners at their farm in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday last week. The couple was hospitalised and is said to have escaped major injuries.

“Three armed suspects forced the couple to hand over their bank cards, after which they were driven from their smallholding to the nearby town to withdraw cash,” an official statement read.

When they had returned, the couple was forced inside the house and the husband, aged 68, was tied up. It is odd but the invaders apparently forgot to tie up the woman leaving her unrestrained. After leaving the house, they allegedly poured petrol all over and set it alight.

“As they arrived back at the farm, the suspects tied the elderly man but not his wife and locked them in the bedroom,” Brig Tembinkosi Kinana advised. “They allegedly threw petrol on the house and set it alight. Due to the fact that one of the victims was not tied up, she was able to untie her husband and they both managed to get out of the house through the windows and alerted the police.”

The Eastern Cape SAPS have opened a case of armed robbery, arson attack, and attempted murder.

The suspects are still at large.

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