Man stabbed to death in informal settlement near PE, his alleged killed burnt to death

A dead man’s body with stab wounds had been found by the locals just a few hours before another body of the man believed to be the murderer of the first victim was found in Kuyga near Port Elizabeth on Wednesday night.

It is supposed that the killer became the victim of an alleged mob justice attack. His charred remains were found in the same area.

According to the reports, the victim, identified as Sakuthwani Tyaliti, 34, was inside his shack at the back of the main house with his girlfriend when the suspect, believed to be in his thirties, broke in.

“Tyality went to the door and an argument ensued. The suspect took out a knife and stabbed the victim in the chest and he died on the scene,” police spokesperson Warrant Officer Alwin Labans Tyaliti advised. “The girlfriend ran out of the shack to get help.”

The killer ran away but failed to escape revenge. At around 11:30pm, his burnt body had been found by the community members who then called the police.

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