PICS: Terence Parkin beaten up in road rage incident in Gauteng

Terence Parkin, the celebrated SA athlete who won a silver Olympic medal in Sydney 2000, filmed a road rage incident on a highway in Gauteng. He was punched in the face and injured.

In the video circulated on social media yesterday in the morning, Parkin was seen involved in a disturbing argument with another motorist who had previously recklessly cut off Parkin’s vehicle what led to a slight collision. A BMW could be seen pulling out in front of Terence Parkin, as recorded by the athlete’s dashcam.

The BMW driver was waiting for the swimmer and, when he approached, flagged him over to stop and talk.

The man shouted at the Olympian, saying that he “needs to see a doctor.” Terence Parkin had turned the dashcam towards the aggressor, before signing to the camera that the man apperently didn’t know he actually was deaf. However, the bloke soon caught on and erupted in a fit of road rage.

When a physical scuffle had began, Parkin had dropped his camera but shortly after he grabbed it again to continue filming the altercation. It could have been seen that the Global Brand Ambassador for the Deaf and Blind had a bloodied nose and a laceration to the face.

Картинки по запросу Terence Parkin

Unfortunately, the footage of the fight was deleted from Facebook and is unavailable at the moment. However, there are pictures below showing the phycho and his car:

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