VIDEO: SA Internet excited by KFC proposal

The social media users across South Africa can’t calm down after a video of a proposal made at KFC went viral. The video, filmed by one of the visitors of the fast food chain restaurant, shows how a man proposes to his girlfriend, and she agrees to become his wife.

Right during their lunch at KFC, the man gathers courage and decides to get down on one knee and put a ring on his beloved’s finger. As you can see by the reaction of the woman, she can not believe her happiness.

After a massive search, a Twitter user @alphi_s had located the couple and announced they wanted to have a small wedding ceremony because of a tight budget.

Soon enough, fellow South Africans started offering their help to Mr Kansi and his wife-to-be.

Right after them, the businesses joined in:

The happy couple are over the moon to see such support.

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