Rolls Royces not enough for King Mswati’s wives, now he buys them BMWs

eSwatini’s absolute monarch King Mswati III seems too fond of pleasing his wives. The African media once again reported about a large batch of expensive cars intended for King Mswati’s beloved women.

The day before, the witnesses spotted 12 trucks loaded with the latest model BMW X3 SUVs and BMW 540 sedans in Carolina, about 100km from the Oshoek Swazi border post. These trucks occupied almost all the parking space in the small town of Mpumalanga.

Notably, an entry-level BMW X3 USV sells for more than R650, 000 each, while the BMW 540 sedans sell for more than R1m each.

Earlier, the King made “a major gift” to his wives in the form of 15 ultra-luxury Rolls Royces that had been shipped to South Africa via the Durban port and delivered to the Royal Palace a week ago.

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