3 women assaulted 20yo Limpopo student for “wrecking marriage”

Three women have allegedly assaulted and beaten up a 20-year-old grade 11 pupil outside the schoolyard for “wrecking a marriage.” The three were arrested and now are in a detention centre waiting for their trial.

The incident occurred on Thursday last week. Dolly Maila from Pharare village in Limpopo was on her way to a tuckshop outside her school when she was approached by three women who demanded to have a talk with her. She was then attacked by the women “who pulled her braids and beat her with fists and a stick.”

“Before they could state their concerns, all of them started attacking me, saying I should stay away from their friend’s husband,” Dolly claimed.

She sustained bruises on her upper body and thighs. She said she continues to suffer humiliation and be labelled a “home-wrecker” on social media.

“It’s not true that I’m a home-wrecker, I ended the relationship with the woman’s husband after I discovered he was married. The relationship ended late last month after I received threatening SMSes from an unknown lady who told me to stop seeing the taxi driver because he is married or they will deal with me.”

The pupil only opened a case yesterday after the police allegedly had told her there was not enough evidence to arrest the suspects. She said she was still experiencing pains on her neck, back and thighs.

“I’m not happy with the police because I went to open a case the same day and one of the female police officers told me that if I was dating her husband, she would have killed me. She said I deserve to be killed because I’m breaking people’s marriages.”

Police spokesperson Col Moatshe Ngoepe had not responded to our requests for a comment at the time of printing.

Dolly Maila shows the bruises on her thighs.

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