Gringo needs to raise US$1k for emergency surgery

The family of popular Zimbabwean actor Lazarus Boora Gringo have announced an urgent fundraiser for the operation, which is so necessary for the man. The celebrity’s family members reached out to the public as well as social media influencer Jackie Ngarande for donations of RTGS 18, 000 (about $1, 000).

The family said that, although they had some money for the emergency medical care, it was not enough to cover all the costs.

“Kindly asking for help aunt jackie we are really ineed of 18000 rtgS for Lazarus Boora (Gringo) he is going for a surgery ane padiki paainapo will be very grateful. Ta advertiser manewspaper on zbc but we are failing kuwana. Mari yacho maybe one or two or your group might help.”

The Zimbabwean crowd favorite was admitted to Harare hospital yesterday to undergo an emergency surgery due to some complications with his appendix.

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