EC student suspected of killing her newborn baby arrested

On Monday, the Eastern Cape police arrested a student on suspicion of having murdered her little baby. The body of the newborn wrapped in a plastic bag had been discovered in a garbage can on campus where the young mother lived, the police officials said on Tuesday.

“The 18-year-old woman’s friends on campus knew that she was pregnant. Police would not identify the campus nor the institution where the incident took place,” police spokesperson Captain Khaya Tonjeni told the media.

The teen came under suspicion when her friends noticed that her belly had reduced and there was no baby with her.

The police believe that the woman had a misunderstanding with the newborn child’s father and mistakenly decided to abort the child.

The concealment of birth charges are to be brought against the student. Her matter is set to be heard in the Mthatha Magistrates’ Court.

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