Driver shot dead in Cosmo City, police officer arrested

An off-duty Johannesburg metro policeman shot dead a driver in Cosmo City, apparently in a fit of road rage.

According to JMPD spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, the altercation took place on South Africa Street yesterday night.

“The incident occurred at approximately 7:15pm, when the off-duty officer, who was driving a white Golf, made a U-turn and allegedly nearly collided with a blue Nissan Almera,” Minnaar explained. “The driver of the blue Almera chased behind the Golf and there were words exchanged. The occupants of the Almera tried to disarm the off-duty officer. The officer shot multiple times at the Almera with his service pistol.”

The suspect has been arrested and is expected to appear in court soon.

It is also reported that the passengers in the Almera were uninjured.

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