Terrifying car crash claimed already 6 lives in Tshwane

A fiery road accident left two people dead and two others injured following a collision involving several vehicles on the N1 in Tshwane on Friday, the police reported.

Multiple vehicles including two trucks and eight light motor vehicles had been involved in the fatal accident.

One of the trucks has completely burnt out and the other one has been damaged but managed to be extinguished.

Tshwane Emergency Medical Services spokesperson Charles Mabaso said: “One light motor vehicle was trapped underneath the truck and completely burned down”. The burnt bodies of two people were found after the fire had been put out.

Two other accident victims a woman and a man were hospitalised with minor and moderate injuries respectively.

The traffic police have cordoned off a part of N1 between Petroport and Wallmansthal for traffic in both directions. The motorists are urged to choose alternative routes.

UPD: The police reported at 14:50 that the death toll has risen to 6 people in this accident.


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