Protesters demanding new high school in Ikemeleng

Police in Rustenburg had to disperse the protesting crowd with rubber bullets in Ikemeleng in Kroondal on Thursday.

The police were clearing rocks and tree branches that were used to barricade the road when the rioting residents started to throw the rocks at the police officers from behind the shacks near the barricaded road. The police answered with rubber bullets.

The Ikemeleng residents, mostly young people, hit the streets demanding to be addressed by North West Premier Job Mokgoro. They said they took this step and barricaded the road after a meeting between them and the Rustenburg municipality, as well as mining houses in the area, had failed on Wednesday.

“We went to the municipality on Wednesday, for a meeting on arrival we found that mining companies were not present. We walked out of that meeting and resolved to shut down Kroondal on Thursday until the premier come to listen to us because the municipality failed us,” said a youth leader only identifying himself as Pule.

The protesters say they are demanding a high school in Ikemeleng because the high school learners have to walk a long distance to a school outside Kroondal every day.

Police were monitoring the situation, the road was opened for traffic.

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