Brutal attack on two guards in New Brighton, EC

A window of Batchelor's car minutes after the attack

Eastern Police said on Thursday that two security guards have been shot and wounded in an attack on their vehicle in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth.

Captain Andre Beetge of the Port Elizabeth police said the guards had stopped to pick up another colleague at around 04:50 on Wednesday morning. At that very moment, a man came up to the service vehicle to the passenger side, pulled his firearm, and fired a number of shots at the two guards.

“He did not attempt to rob the guards and fled the scene in an unknown vehicle that sped off afterwards,” he said.

The third security crew member was still in his house when the shot rang out. He called the police and rushed outside to assist his injured fellow workers.

One of the guards sustained gunshots to the chest and was in critical condition when his colleague came to the rescue. Another passenger was shot in the left leg and was stable.

The motive for the shooting is still unclear. Police were looking into the matter.

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