Man threatens to blow Menlyn Maine centre in Tshwane

The Tshwane authorities were forced to evacuate the Menlyn Maine shopping centre after an armed man threatened to blow up a bank at the centre on Tuesday.

The man believed to be in his fifties entered the bank at the shopping centre at 11:15am, police spokesperson Capt Colette Weilbach confirmed.

“He handed a note over to the bank teller who helped him. The note said there was a bomb planted inside the bank.”

Emergency services responded quickly to reports that a man had threatened to detonate bombs inside the bank. Along with the Menlyn Maine security service, they immediately started the evacuation. The SAPS responded and arrested the man inside the bank without further incident.

“The SAPS bomb disposal and K9 units were called out and are still on the scene to inspect a device that was found. The shopping centre is not declared as safe yet,” Weilbach said.

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