Cop stabbed by son in Chipata, Zambia

A police officer from Chipata Central police station was stabbed by his 24-year-old son. The man was transported to hospital.

Chief Inspector Kenneth Chihana was stabbed by his son Benson on Thursday. According to Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Geoffrey Kunda, the man sustained three wounds to his chest. The reason for the crime has not been determined.

Benson was detained by the police officers.

“We are looking at unlawful wounding but depending on what the results of the investigations reveal, the offence may change. So it’s very unfortunate that a child or a son can stab the father. This is not the first time that we are hearing about the conduct of this boy. A few days ago, he had a problem with his mother where he manhandled the mother, trying to strangle her until she shouted for help,” Kunda advised.

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