Father and his 10yo son die after collision with bus in Joburg

Many times, a father and his 10-year-old son had been making their way from home to the boy’s school riding a bike, but their Tuesday morning trip became the last one for both as they collided with a passenger bus in Parktown, Johannesburg.

The father and his son who had been attending a school for autistic children died in the car crash at the intersection of Empire Road and Joubert Road, Johannesburg Metro Police department (JMPD) spokesperson Wayne Minnaar confirmed.

β€œThe cause of the accident will be investigated. The bus driver is on the scene,” he added.

When the police and the rescuers arrived at the scene, they found the bus with the windows broken and the front damaged. It was parked at a nearby petrol station.

The motorbike the victims were travelling by was found shredded to pieces, with part of the back wheel lying next to the bus. The lifeless bodies of the father and his son were found lying on the pavement.

It is unclear at this stage what caused the accident.

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