WATCH: Backlash to xenophobic attacks grows outside SA

The protests held in Nigeria and Zambia in response to the xenophobic attacks in Gauteng keep growing. The residents of Botswana, Mozambique and the DRC have also joined the tit-for-tat movement.

Apart from the reported attacks on such SA businesses as MTN, Shoprite, and MultiChoice presented in Nigeria, the government of this country has decided not to participate in the World Economic Forum on Africa which is currently being hosted in Cape Town.

“The Nigerian government is taking this seriously. The minister of foreign affairs has angrily condemned the attacks as ‘sickening’ and one too many. We are compiling a list of losses suffered by our nationals and intend to press for compensation. The president will be sending a special envoy to take up the matter with the South African government,” foreign service officer Lauren Jingina stated.

Similar protests hit the shopping malls in Zambia with Builders Warehouse, Food Lovers Market and Pick n Pay targeted by the angry mob. In addition to that, some students destroyed property while staging a protest at the South African Embassy in Lusaka.

The Zambian radio stations have announced they decided to ban all music from South Africa “for the foreseeable future.”

They were supported by Nigerian artists Burna Boy and Tiwa Savage who refused to perform in South Africa, falsely claiming that citizens from their country had been killed in the protests.

On Thursday, a peaceful demonstration outside of the SA consulate in Lubumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, suddenly turned into a vicious attack that left all the windows broken. The protesters had also looted a store owned by the SA retail group MR Price before police intervened.

But it is the South African drivers who are now paying the price for the criminal behaviour of others. It is now very difficult for them to cross the borders to the neighbouring countries.

On the border with Mozambique, the truck drivers have to confirm their nationality as the SA ones are sent back.

The police even had to disperse the local crowd which had barricaded the roads with the burning tyres and rocks trying to keep the SA truck drivers from entering their country.

The same situation has been captured on Botswana-Zambia border.

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  1. E Mashovha 1 year ago

    South Africans are not killing foreigners they’re the ones who were attacked police and a Nigerian national killed a taxi driver. NOW South Africans are asking for the undocumented immigrants to leave peacefully. Then comes looting i don’t encourage that . Again the problem here is corruption companies are hiring foreigners carrying fraudulent permits ahead of South Africans. Ports of entry are like a supermarket entrance every one carrying money is allowed

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