VIDEO: Zambian protesters storm SA’s Pick n Pay store in Lusaka

The East Park Shopping Mall in Lusaka, Zambia, which provides a platform for many South African outlets, has been brought to the centre of the said-to-be-antixenophobia protest held in the city.

Dozens of citizens stormed the premises directly targeting the shops owned by foreign companies, including Builders Warehouse and Food Lovers Market (both based in SA).

A video emerged on Twitter showing the demonstrators attempting to break through the barricaded door of a Pick n Pay outlet. The protesters used everything they could get their hands on, even small banners, chairs and trolleys; however, the gate reportedly did not fall.

The stores in Nigeria and Zambia stopped operating after a week of xenophobic violence in South Africa, which had provoked a chaos on the streets of the major cities and resulted in numerous crimes.

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