2 policemen hospitalised after being shot and robbed of their firearms

Two Cape Town policemen were sent to hospital following a shootout in which they had sustained serious injuries, the police confirmed on Wednesday.

Two on-duty police officers, aged 54 and 49, “were doing protection duty for municipal contractors” near Sweet Home Farm in Philippi when the armed suspects approached their service vehicle and fired a number of shots at them through the windows. Holding them at gunpoint, the assailants stole the officers’ guns.

The Cape Town police officials told the media that “the officers were “code red,” meaning their lives were at risk unless they received immediate medical attention”.

“I don’t know what the government is going to do to protect us. You are nothing without your gun, but they even come for you when you have your gun, they’ll come straight past that gun,” the mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith stated.

“They know that the police have certain protocols within which they’re allowed to act or else they’re told they reacted irregularly.”

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