Phoenix: dog found human hand and brought it to resident’s home

A horrendous discovery was made by a local resident in Phoenix, north of Durban, on Wednesday morning when the man spotted a stray dog carrying a human hand in its mouth.

“A resident in the area spotted the stray dog with what appeared to be a human hand in its mouth and alerted us to the scene. Our officer immediately responded and the SAPS 10111 call centre was notified of the incident,” Blue Security spokesperson Andreas Mathios stated.

The Phoenix police investigators have taken over the case and are now trying to locate the whole body or at least any other parts after the man reported the grisly discovery to the private security company. The resident believes the dog found the limb in some bushes in the residential area.

Mathios also urged the community members having any information related to the incident to come forward and assist the police in solving the case.

Private security company Blue Security was dispatched to Phoenix in Durban where a stray dog had picked up what appeared to be a human hand in some bushes.

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