Diamond magnate dies from food allergy in Sandton

The police of Gauteng reported the death of prominent Lesotho and Kimberley diamond magnate Edward Poone. He reportedly died of a severe reaction to food allergy.

According to Poone’s friends’ statement, the man apparently developed an allergic reaction while having dinner in Sandton on Thursday night.

The businessman had been transported to hospital suffering asphyxia caused by anaphylaxis but, unfortunately, the medics pronounced him dead upon arrival.

Fame came to Poone and 26 other diamond dealers in 2014 when the partners were arrested by an organised crime police unit and were accused of illegal trading.

However, all charges were suddenly dropped in 2015 and the only explanation voiced is that “the investigating officer and key witness was ill and booked off for six months”.

The Poone’s death is now being widely discussed on social media.

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