CT: trying to protect owners, dog named Lucky got shot in neck but luckily survived

The Western Cape police are investigating an apparent assault during which a dog named Lucky had been shot in the neck but by some miracle the bullet missed all vital organs.

The accident happened when four alleged gangsters armed with a firearm intruded the Lucky owner’s home hunting for him after he had been recently released from prison.

According to the house owner’s relative, they heard shots and Lucky crying outside the house. They then rushed outside and saw Lucky bleeding heavily. The suspects fled.

The house owner’s relatives had immediately taken the brave dog into surgery where Dr Chloe Botting successfully removed the bullet.

“The bullet travelled all the way to the other side of his body, missing the carotid artery and every vital organ before being lodged in his right shoulder,” Botting explained.

Lucky is said to be in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

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