First legal incest marriage, New Jersey siblings won right to marry

James Banes, 41, and Victoria Banes, 38, won the right to marry each other in the Supreme Court of the United States.

After a 10-year-long battle, the couple was granted the appeal by all five judges.

“Incest has been practiced by humans since the dawn of time. If Adam and Eve hadn’t done it, the human race would not be here today,” James Banes told the reporters.

According to Banes family lawyer, the criminalisation of incestuous marriage in a state where one can marry a second cousin in nonsensical.

“Why am I allowed to bang my cousin but not my sister? It just doesn’t make any sense,” James Banes said.

  1. Alex Siyasiya 1 year ago

    If you look at the origin of humanity then I dont see anything wrong with what
    James Banes and Victoria Banes have done

  2. Zewdy 1 year ago

    What is our world coming to? 😞🙄🥺😳 🤢 🤮

    • Hans Van De Riet 1 year ago

      The Bible tells us that in the latter days. Right will be wrong and wrong will be right. This is clearly happening!! People who know nothing and have the understanding of a worm make laws and decisions for us. And that is how it is going to be!!

  3. Our enlightened friends from the west must know very well the problems which come with inbreeding on.offspring

  4. martha Mutambo 1 year ago

    Comment as it was in the time of Noah so shall it be in the last days. marriage is not sin but who and how you marry

  5. Kanyanta 1 year ago

    These are last days and Jesus Christ told His disciples to be alert so that they aren’t caught by surprise when they see such abominations happening.

  6. Seth 1 year ago

    Adam and eve, were not born, pipo please.
    Adam’s sons n daughters had no grounds like us.

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