13yo girl with albinism and 15mo child killed as part of ritual in Cullinan, Gauteng

“I admit that on the 27-28 of January 2018 I did unlawfully and intentionally kill the baby by throwing him off the bridge of Zaalklap River. I admit that on the next day in Cullinan, I killed Gabisile Shabane, a 13-year-old.”

Such a terrifying confession was made by a teacher and a father of four named Josiah Thubane, 40, at the Middelburg High Court this week. He pleaded guilty to murder charges confirming his participation in the killing of a 15-month-old boy who had been thrown off the bridge and the murder of 13-year-old Gabisile Shabane. He also explained she had been chosen for the rital killing because of her albinism.

According to the statement of the convicted man, one of the four accused of the double murder, both children were abducted the same day.

The court hearings have been postponed until August 23 for sentencing.

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  1. Samuel 5 months ago

    Murderers must be locked up and forgotten

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