Alleged smuggler falls 6 storeys and dies during police raid in Joburg

The Joburg CBD raids conducted by the Metro Police have opened a count of fatal accidents when a man died of a six-storey fall while being chased on Wednesday night.

The suspect, believed to be a Malawi native, named Moosah Daud, 26, died during the search for contraband in Hillbrow in the late hours of Wednesday.

Daud’s brother, Hasan, was detained during the raid. He told the police that, when they had heard the police knocking on their door, his brother rushed to the bathroom and climbed out of a small window. He had allegedly slipped and fallen to his death.

“We are looking into the incident. The reason why they ran will be investigated,” JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar stated.

He rejected all the accusations that the Metro Police, in most cases, were deliberately targeting people from other countries during these raids over the past weeks.

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