Pen*s among ‘missing body parts’ of Giyani hit-and-run victim

As it was previously reported, a hit-and-run incident had taken away the life of a 69-year-old James Makhubele on Saturday two weeks ago. After his family had found him without “some body parts,” they went on a rampage setting on fire the house belonging to the family allegedly responsible for the accident.

In some inexplicable way, the mourners at a funeral ceremony in Blinkwater village outside Giyani in Limpopo had spotted the most intimate part of the deceased body missing. Outraged, they torched three houses in an act of revenge on Sunday. One of the houses allegedly belonged to the suspect allegedly responsible for the accident and two others to those of his employees.

The Makhubele family believes he was the victim of a “ritual killing” and that his body was thrown onto the road “to create the appearance that he had been hit by a car”.

The police are to conduct a second post-mortem since the testimonies of the family members and a policeman at the local police station varied. The officer reportedly said that “the first post-mortem did not find that any body parts had been removed”.

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