1 died, 2 wounded in cash-in-transit heist in Mpumalanga

Three innocent civilians were harmed in a cash-in-transit heist in Mpumalanga. One man was left shot and killed and two others wounded when a cash-in-transit van had been attacked at the Engen filling station near the Midwater Centre in Middelburg on Friday.

A petrol attendant had sustained a number of gunshot wounds and later succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Two petrol station customers were also hit in the legs by the bullets when the suspects allegedly began shooting “at random”.

The incident started when four masked men attacked a guard carrying a bag of cash.

“Security officials were collecting cash at a filling station at Aerorand, Middelburg, when one of them carrying a bag of money came out. He was accosted by four suspects who took the bag and ran to the waiting silver Golf 4,” national police spokesperson Brenda Muridili explained.

Without hesitation, the driver of the cash van had driven his vehicle into the Golf 4 at high speed, so the suspects got out of the vehicle and opened fire without warning and shot indiscriminately at the van, the petrol station workers and customers.

The offenders stopped another vehicle while firing, forced its driver out and sped off in this car.

Anyone with the information of the suspects’ whereabouts is asked to approach the police.

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