7-month-old Delft girl with Hydrocephalus dies after head reduction surgery

Seven-month-old Lemicah Faith Arendze, a girl from Delft diagnosed with a very rare case of Hydrocephalus, has died after the medics attempted to cure her.

Due to the illness, Lemicah’s head started to accumulate a large portion of cerebrospinal fluid, growing abnormally large. Its circumference at some point reached an enormous 96cm, but the family of the young angel had no money for the much-needed head reduction surgery.

Daily Voice, a local newspaper, shared the girl’s tragic story with the public and Lemicah’s parents finally received the necessary funds. While the operation had gone completely well, the shunt placed inside her head later caused an infection.

“Lemicah developed an infection due to the shunt, which was affecting her spine,” Rozanne Arendze, the baby’s mother, explained.

The taken measures did not help the child and she died at Delft Day Hospital on Tuesday.

  1. Patrisa 1 year ago

    Why was this baby not operated on sooner to save her life…Cannot believe the doctors allowed her to have so much fluid on her brain..I do know what I’m talking about..I have a son born with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus who had a shunt insurted in his brain when he was 3x days old, by a wonderful Neuro surgeon Dr.Warick Peacock at Red Cross hospital..I cannot believe & find shocking that the hospital would not operate for lack of funds…My son’s shunt had to be replaced when he was 10..He’s now 38 and doing well, all due to a wonderful doctor…May your little angel RIP & deepest condolences to the family..

  2. Leatitia 1 year ago

    Everything is about money. No compassion anymore. If you do not have funds no one can help

  3. Tshiamo 1 year ago

    Sorry for your loss maam 😕😕😕

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