WATCH: Cape nurse forces her boyfriend’s mistress to eat dog faeces

A Cape Flats nurse has filmed herself forcing a woman — an alleged mistress of her boyfriend —to eat dog poo.

A 3-minute-long clip of the gruesome act has recently started to make circles on the social web and even drew the attention of the local health authorities. On the video, the female resident identified as Elizabeth “Mimmie” Williams could be seen feeding a large bag of excrements to the terrified woman, while also verbally abusing her.

“Vriet! Ek gaan jou wys wat maak ek met * ***ers. Daai is nie my k** nie; daai, is my hond se k**! Portia is next! Vat nog ’n stuk. Jy kan hulle uitkies… sag, hard, pap enige iets. (Eat it! I will show you what I do to you! That is not my faeces, that is my dog’s faeces! Portia is next. Take another piece. You can choose which you want… soft, hard or anything.),” the angry woman shouted.

The victim appears to be 28-year-old Ivodene “Dienkie” van Niekerk, who allegedly had sexual intercourse with Mimmie’s beloved partner. The humiliated resident told the local press she had not only been ordered to eat faeces but also forced to take abortion pills and go through blood tests.

The footage link had initially been posted as Mimmie’s WhatsApp status but was later removed from access allegedly due to a serious backlash from the audience.

The spokesperson of the Tygerberg Hospital (where the nurse works) also confirmed that the investigation into the matter was under way.

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