Ambulance and truck collided on N3 killing EMS driver and patient

A KwaZulu-Natal Emergency Medical Service ambulance driver and a patient have been reported dead following a terrible crash on the N3 that involved a truck and an ambulance vehicle on Tuesday.

The accident happened near Cedara, KZN, when the EMS ambulance travelling towards Johannesburg collided with the truck.

According to Con Roux, the N3 Toll Concession spokesperson, three people were injured in the collision, unfortunately, two of them fatally. The third victim, who was in the passenger seat inside the ambulance vehicle, has been transported to hospital in a serious condition.

The local authorities had to shut down the road towards Johannesburg as the traffic had been severely affected.

Robert McKenzie, a KZN EMS representative, made a statement confirming the incident on Tuesday.

The scene of the crash on the N3 near Cedara

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