18yo Stellenbosch University student dies after drinking game

First year Maties student, Leandró Hopley, died last Friday after having allegedly participated in a drinking game at a university residence on Wednesday.

“My wish is that no other parent should experience what we are going through,” his father stated. “There [are] quite a few rumours that there was a competition.”

The reports say that his 18-year-old son who had been studying a BCom in Management Sciences was trying to beat a drinking record in a university bar by drinking four glasses of an alcoholic mixture on Wednesday night. 

The teen was later discovered in critical condition lying on his bed in his room where he had apparently vomited and choked. 

According to university spokesperson Martin Viljoen, Hopley was rushed to hospital.

“He passed away this afternoon (Friday) after a decision was made to turn off the machines that kept him on life support,” Viljoen added.

The student’s parents announced that a memorial service for Leandró was scheduled for Saturday, August 3, in Stellenbosch.

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