Parents devastated as their 2yo child found dead in water drain in FS

A 2-year-old child’s death case is under a police investigation following a gruesome discovery made by the toddler’s parents on Sunday. It is alleged that the father of the little girl found his daughter drowned in the drain by their house at Jantoor Hostel in Thabong.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Mamello Mokhuoane confirmed the incident and said the girl had fallen into the water drain on Sunday at around 2:00pm.

The child is believed to have played with her friends before she fell in the one-meter deep drain and allegedly drowned. Her father had rushed her to hospital in a private vehicle but sadly the medics declared her dead upon arrival.

Mokhuoane urged parents to be aware of where their children were playing, as well as with whom they were playing, at all times.

“It is pivotal for children of a tender age to be under the supervision of adults at all times to ensure that they are safe,” Mokhuoane explained.

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