Papa Penny’s stepson commits suicide

Tsonga disco pioneer and reality TV star Papa Penny took to Instagram to mourn the untimely passing of his wife’s first born – Nicolas. The 23-year-old man reportedly committed suicide on Thursday afternoon at Soshanguve train station, north of Pretoria.

Mama Nomi’s son who had made a cameo appearance on Penny’s popular reality TV show Papa Penny Ahee is said to have been living with his grandparents in Soshanguve.

“He woke up in the morning and he was very good. So around 3pm after taking a bath he just told the grandfather that he’s coming back [after going out],” Penny told. “At around 10pm, we received a call that he had not returned home. We tried calling him but his phone went onto voicemail. We tried calling his friends and they didn’t know where he was. That’s when we started to suspect something was wrong.”

While checking Nicolas’s room, his grandfather noticed a message “I’m going to kill myself at Soshanguve train station.” He called the police straight away and learnt about a suicide that had happened at about 4pm that day.

“I drove there [from Limpopo] the same night. We went to check and found that it was indeed him. Apparently, people tried to stop him,” Penny advised. “I don’t know what his problem was. He used to tell his mother sometimes that ‘I’m going to kill myself’. During the day on Thursday, he sent his mother a picture with the peace sign. The mother didn’t think much of it.”

Drum Soshanguve SAPS spokesperson Constable Portia Sebone confirmed that an inquest case had been opened at the Rietgat police station right after the suicide.

It is reported, Nicholas will be buried in Soshanguve on Saturday.

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