Cameroon nationals detained for stealing R10k copper cable

Two men have been arrested by the police officers in Alexandra. They were found in possession of copper cables valued at R100, 000.

According to mayor Herman Mashaba, the group forensic and investigation service members followed the information about the stolen cables. They were stored in a scrapyard in 1st Avenue and London Road.

“The GFIS team and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers then went to search the scrapyard but found nothing. Late last night [Saturday], the informant then called GFIS officials and told them where the stolen copper cables were kept. The team went back to the scrapyard, searched, and again found nothing. They then searched the bedrooms where two bags stuffed with copper cabled were found.”

Mashaba urged the community members to report any information about fraud and corruption activities.

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